Our Services

We provide a wide range of services that can be tailored to suit our client’s immediate needs at any given time. Our services are broadly segmented to include;

  1. Audit & Assurance;
  2. Tax Services;
  3. Advisory Services

Audit & Assurance Services

Our audit & assurance services emphasize the objectives of credibility and transparency in financial reporting. Each of our professionals is committed to delivering reliable, independent audit reports.

Fulfilling this commitment to maintain high audit quality requires vigilance in making sure our audit complies with changing regulations and the professional standards. Our audit approach incorporates maximisation of value and is innovative and efficient.

We have introduced this approach as a standard for all our audits. It is majorly computer-based to meet our client needs Our Audit & Assurance practice includes;

  1. Statutory Audit;
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Forensic Audit; and
  4. Project & Grant Audit;

Tax Services

Managing tax obligations responsibly forms a strong foundation for long-term sustainable growth. Our competent professionals are committed to assisting clients achieve the best possible tax efficiencies.

Service Details
Tax Compliance
  • Corporate, business, partnership and personal tax registrations
  • Computation of corporate and business tax liabilities
  • Advice on the quantum and timing of taxes
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Coordinating and representing clients on tax audits and investigations
  • Tax litigation (including representation in the administrative procedures)
Tax reviews & Compliance Checks
  • Corporation tax, withholding tax, personal tax and VAT compliance reviews
  • Value added tax refund audits and certification
  • Tax amnesty reviews
  • Reviewing and advising on applicability of exemptions, remissions and offsets
  • Processing of refunds and set-off of taxes
  • Developing solutions to issues arising under audits, including tax trainings
Tax Consulting
  • Ad-hoc advisory services on tax implications of various transactions
  • Mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations
  • Developing leasing products
  • Liaising with the Revenue Authorities on taxation matters
  • structured finance, capital and investment structures
  • Employee compensation structuring
  • Transfer-pricing / global economic consulting service
  • International tax services and cross-border tax planning
  • Investor tax advisory and due diligence reviews
Tax Planning
  • CIT, VAT, WHT, PAYE and Provisional returns planning.
  • Tax planning for expatriate and executive staff
  • Preparation and filing of executive and expatriate tax returns
  • Arrival and departure tax counselling for executive and expatriate staff

Advisory Services

We share our clients’ concern of creating sustainable value. Our advisory service will enable to create and protect business success. We provide bespoke advisory services to help our clients achieve the following.

  1. Establishing strategies to change, grow, adapt, shape and respond to disruptive forces
  2. Engaging with customers on their terms
  3. Turning their technology vision into reality
  4. Leveraging their people as a strategic asset
  5. Optimizing their operations and streamlining support functions
  6. Converting their data into business insights
  7. Transforming risk into a strategic advantage
  8. Mitigating threats to their operations, IT systems and business
  9. Buying, selling, funding or restructuring their business or partnering with others.

Our advisory services include;

  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • Project Finance;
  • Transaction Due Diligence;
  • Real Estate advisory;
  • Business valuation and Business Modeling;
  • Risk Management;
  • Data Analytics;
  • Financial Management;
  • Operations Management; and
  • Human Capital Management;